Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Lunch at Johnny Rockets

Last Christmas, we planned to watch a movie.  But since it was not being shown at the Resorts World Manila and we didn't like the idea of watching at SM Bicutan, we decided to go to the Alabang Town Center (ATC) for a change. It's been a long time since we went there. In fact, I think this is the first time our daughter will be going there.

Also, I missed the spaghetti being served at the Makati Supermarket. Unfortunately, the grocery was closed for the holiday.
We found out later that most of the people were at the theaters lining up to buy tickets. The movie we were supposed to watch is already full and it hasn't started yet. We didn't want to wait for the next screening since the following day is a work day and we didn't want to stay out late. We strolled around and looked for a place to have late lunch instead.

While walking around, we saw this Johnny Rockets establishment. I think this is a new branch since it hasn't been included yet in their official website. I have seen this in other malls but haven't actually tried it yet. We agreed to have lunch there.
 The theme of the restaurant is like a 50s diner. The only thing missing were the  stools on the bar where some can eat instead of at tables. There were lots of booths, though, one of which we immediately got. Only two tables were occupied when we arrived but it was more than half-full when we left.

 Each booth has their own mini-jukebox where you can select a song for P1. We tried it but didn't seem to work.
We ordered our bottomless drinks @ P120 each: iced tea for Angel, lemonade for my wife and diet soda for me. It was still cheaper than the single serve iced tea at Isdaan in Calauan though, he he he
While waiting for our food, we noticed that some of the crew were dancing and later found out that they do it every 30 minutes.
We were supposed to order a kiddie meal for our daughter but she protested that she is no longer a kid. So we ordered the Johnny Rockets' Original Burger with Cheese (P290) instead for her. For an additional P40, she had an unlimited serving of french fries. She was right, she was no longer a kid and in fact she finished the burger all by herself.
My wife and I shared a philly cheesesteak as it seemed too much for one person. And we were right. She thought that it would not be enough and was about to order another sandwich midway in our meal. True enough, before she could finish her share, she changed her mind about ordering. In fact, she didn't order a dessert, which she earlier wanted to do.
Here is a sample of the dance performance of the Johnny Rockets crew.


Beng Gee said...

Hello Noel! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Day. Drooling now for that luscious cheesy burger and fries. Haha..keep that in mind, your girl is already a young lady and no longer a child! Sa appetite nya, she's a grown up girl na nga! Lol!

I wish we could go out too on New Year. I haven't been around this Xmas season.

Happy New year to you and your two lovely girls! Be well!

Batangala said...

Thank you Beng. We still haven't seen any of the entries to the MMFF though.

Yup, Angel grows too fast as we would want to, ha ha ha.

Happy new year to you and the entire family

Pinay Travel Junkie said...

Oh how cute naman your daughter. Someday Luna will say the same thing to us. Haha!

Batangala said...

hi gay, i remember angel telling us a similar thing when she was about 4 years old.

while living in Brisbane in 2005, she told us, "i am not a baby anymore", with an australian accent, lol

maybe that's what you'll hear first :)

Beng Gee said...

Dropping by to see what's the latest here. I hope you are doing really good now, healthwise. Brb!

Ingat lang lagi, Noel!

Batangala said...

Thanks Beng. Thank God I was discharged from the hospital last 9 January, a week after I was admitted. I am still at home though for a 1` week bed rest as advised by my physician.

Diet muna till I get healthy and my pocket gets filled again, ha ha ha

happy weekend

Beng Gee said...

Glad to hear you are already recuperating or probably had fully bounced back to good health again and is done with dieting. Lol! Just checking on yah, Noel.

Ingat and regards to your lovely girls!

Yedy Calaguas said...

This reminds me that I haven't been to ATC for ages. And it's good to know that they already have Johnny Rockets there :) I agree their servings are hefty hence it can be for sharing, well unless one is super hungry which is most of the time I am :) Lovely family you got there buddy! :)

Tin | The Average Jane said...

We had lunch at their Greenbelt branch years ago. It was ok. The food was alright but I'm not much of a fan of trying out establishments like them since I feel like I've gained 10 lbs after dining. They're not the only one. I also feel that way after eating at TGIF, Chilis, CPK, etc. Don't know why though. Maybe it the effect of reading too much "eat this, not that" articles. Hehehe!

I still indulge, though. But once or twice every quarter lang or something like that. =)

Batangala said...

guess what tin? that was the last time we ate out. After new year's day, i had pancreatitis and had to be hospitalized for 1 week. cause? too much fatty food, ha ha ha

Buzz Lightyear said...

Kumusta Noel,

You have a great blog; I discovered it through Beng Gee's blog. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to following and reading more. You have a beautiful family; your daughter might be about the same age as ours (she is now almost 10). Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well recently, hope all is well. All the best to you and yours!

Batangala said...

Hi Buzz. Thanks for the comments. 2013 has not yet been good to me. It's great that we had traveled quite a lot before my illness. I don't think we will be having long trips anymore.

Do enjoy your times with your daughter while she is still young. My 11 year old daughter is starting to feel like a lady and I doubt she would still go out with us in the next years to come as I am sure she will be preferring to hangout with her friends, ha ha ha