Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Isdaan sa Calauan

Everytime we go home to Pangil, Laguna, we always see this big floating restaurant along the highway in Calauan, Laguna, just between the towns of Bay (pronounced Ba-ee) and Victoria. In fact, we witnessed how it slowly grew while the big concrete statues of the restaurant were being constructed. We wondered then if this will click among patrons. We realized later that their open parking lot seemed to be always full when we pass by it.

We asked ourselves when will be able to eat there. The opportunity came last Saturday, 22 December 2012, on our way to Pangil, Laguna. It was already past 1 pm and so we decided to try it out.

I don't know if this is always the case, but there were large groups waiting to be seated. Since there were only three of us in the group, it was not long before they found us our own hut. Upon entering, you are greeted by this huge half-naked statues of mermaids (?), each one holding a fish.

Upon being shown to your own floating hut, you're given a long menu to choose what to order. Since there were only three of us, we only ordered inihaw na liempo and sinigang na bangus sa miso. The prices were a little bit overpriced, but I guess what you pay for is the ambiance (sino ba umorder ng ambiance?). There are performers (magician, acrobats, etc.) and a lot of things to see.The floating huts are tied together and joined by pathways.

Actually, there were leftovers from what we ordered that we had them wrapped afterwards. But what took the cake was the price of one glass of iced tea: P176! It's more expensive than a bottomless iced tea at say, TGIF or Hard Rock.

Sinigang na bangus, P413.00
P173 for a glass of iced tea?
bagong saing na kanin good for 2 - 3 persons: P99.85
Inihaw na liempo (half order): P300 something

 As I said earlier, here were lots of things to see, it's like a mini-park with lots of cartoon characters and other statues
No fee for the boat ride except for the tip. I suspect that the bangkeros don't get paid except for the tip they receive from the patrons.
 The toilets were really clean and odor free.


Kulengkleng said...

I remember our vacation last year in the Philippines, we had our last dinner here with my family. We enjoyed the food and the place.

You are right! Some of the orders are a bit overpriced. You pay more for the ambiance and attractions. Nakakabusog din daw ang ambiance. :))

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Batangala said...

thanks for the visit. i must admit that the food were good although a bit overpriced.

i think there is another one like this. the original one is found in tarlac

Cris | Pinay Thrillseeker said...

Saw this on our way to Mt. Romelo last December 23, and the facade was inviting, plus I wanna do Tacsiyapo.:D Mahal pala ng food kaya nagbago na isip ko, haha! Love your photo with Obama. :D

Batangala said...

mejp mahal nga kaya bawi na lang kami sa kodakan, hehehe.

Beng Gee said...

We saw this newly opened resto on our way home from Liliw, Laguna. We were no longer interested to stop by as we had many times tried their main resto in Gerona, Tarlac. Really pricey! Ambience nga kasi ang nagpamahal!( Bakit kasi nag-order kayo nun!?) Haha..
Tapos makukulit pa yung mga serenaders nila manghingi ng tip. Ayaw pa ng 100php. Humirit pa ng dagdag. Anyway, we had nice time din naman kahit pa'no.

Have a great brand new 1st week of the year!

Batangala said...

hi beng. kaya nga bawi na lang kami sa kodakan. na curious lang kami kasi lagi namin nadadaanan everytime we go home to pangil.

kaya when the opportunity presented itself, sinamantala na namin.

not a good start for the new year. i am confined in the hospital since january 2 and hopefully will be discharged by tomorrow. hope my luck will change after this.

hope you have a wonderful new year!