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SG-Melaka-KL Trip Day 6 (Last Day of Our Trip)

December 4, 2012 (Tuesday)

On our last day, my wife and daughter didn't want to get up early. In fact, they finished a movie showing on TV before they finally got up and took their shower. I guess because this will be the last time they will be able to relax as we will have to check out since we plan to leave our things in the hotel and go back for it in the evening before we go to Melaka Sentral to catch a bus going to the KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

We had one last photo in the hotel lobby before we went out for a whole day of sightseeing and shopping(?).
We found out that the free bus service, the GO KL bus stops in front of the KLCC Suria Mall, so we walked towards the Petronas Twin Towers to catch the bus.

But first, we went inside the Petronas to check out how much it would cost to go up. There was a long of people waiting to go up. The long line and the cost of the tour discouraged us from pursuing the plan to go up.

Outside the building, we saw the purple colored bus waiting for passengers. There are two routes: the purple line and the green line. The bus waiting outside the Petronas Twin Tower is the purple line. It passes by our hotel although there are no stops that we have no choice but to take the bus infront of Suria.

We got off at Bukit Bintang, the shopping mecca in KL with all the branded clothes being sold there. Since we haven't had breakfast yet, we decided to look for somewhere to eat. The California Pizza Kitchen had a promo of buy 1 take 1 pizza and since we haven't tried it in Manila, we decided to eat there.
Not contented with buying their shoes at the Vincci outlet in Suria, they browsed again at their outlet in Fahrenheit, a building along Bukit Bintang.

We also went to Berjaya Times Square but the two girls were not impressed. Instead they wanted to return to Bukit Bintang.
After finally returning to Fahrenheit, they once again bought more shoes and a bag. From there, we took a cab going to Petaling Street to buy some souvenir.
After Petaling, we walked towards KL Sentral Market where my wife bought some shawls from an Indian stall. It was a welcome relief since the building was air-conditioned.
Since it began to rain, we waited for it to stop before we took the GO KL bus - green line. We got off at Bukit Bintang to catch the purple line bound for Suria KLCC.
From Suria, we walked towards the Renaissance Hotel to pick up and arrange our luggage before finally taking a cab bound for KL Sentral, where we were to catch the bus going to KLIA LCCT. The bus was located in the basement and costs MYR 8 each. The trip took about an hour.
When we got ton the LCCT, we had to walk a long way since the terminal was quite large, looking like an enormous warehouse. After getting our boarding pass, we proceeded to the immigration counter to finally get to the waiting area.
The waiting lounge had free wifi, charging station and when I checked the toilet, there was a shower stall. I didn't look inside though. We found empty seats and waited for boarding.
Our flight left at 2:05 AM and finally arrived Manila at around 5:30 AM. It was past 6 when we finally got home. We had to call in sick as were totally exhausted after our 6-day trip. It's finally over. Angel began to miss SG and Malaysia right away.

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