Friday, December 14, 2012

SG-Melaka-KL Trip Day 3 (Around Singapore)

December 1, 2012 (Saturday)

Today, we woke up late since we've been waking up early the last 2 days. Since we were going to Chinatown, we decided to have breakfast there. Walking along Orchard Road, we took a bus at a stop near the Orchard Hotel. As we didn't know the fare, we had to ask the driver and fumble with our coin purse to have the exact change as the drivers do not give change.

We got off at a bus stop which is one more stop farther from Chinatown. As we walked towards Pagoda Street, we passed by a Bakkwa store and decided to buy some as gifts when we get home.

Further on, we passed by a Chinese pharmacy and again we went inside to buy some medicine which were requested by my wife's office mates.

Finally, we reached Pagoda Street. Some stalls were just opening up, so we decided to have breakfast first.
We found an open coffee shop and ordered toasts and egg, with tea for my wife and coffee for me. My daughter preferred to have pancakes from McDonald's and luckily there was a store about a block away.
The breakfast was served with two soft boiled eggs where you dip your toasts. My coffee was thick and strong and although I rarely drink coffee, I liked the taste. I didn't try the tea, though.
After breakfast, we walked along Pagoda Street to buy souvenirs to being back home. Almost every store were selling the same items.
 There was the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum where we bought a souvenir coin in their "minting" machine.
After some souvenir shopping and sightseeing at Pagoda Street, we crossed the bridge to People's Park and tried the Shandong Fried Pizza. It like a crispy empanada with onions and pork filling.
Walking towards the MRT Station in Clarke Quay, we took a train going to Raffles Place.
From there we walked along the banks of Singapore River until we got hungry and decided to have lunch.
After lunch, we walked towards the Merlion Park which was quite a distance. It started to rain, so we were stranded under the bridge just before the park.
The sky was still overcast when we got to the park. The Marina Bay Sands and other structures can be seen from this vantage point.

The Marina Bay Sands being across the river, we decided to reach it on foot. We realized later that it was quite a long walk to get there.
The place was really huge. Aside of course from the hotel, it has a mall an MRT station and a lot more other things to see and do. We didn't go the observation deck since there was a long line and we didn't want to wait.
Strolling along the mall, we saw these two characters and had a photo op with them.
My wife and daughter also had a boat ride inside the mall.
Exhausted and hungry, we took the train going back to Orchard road. We were supposed to meet a former officemate of my wife there.
We went to Lucky Plaza to buy some chocolates before finally returning to the hotel to retire, getting ready for our trip to Melaka the following morning.

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Beng G. said...

Nice photos of an exciting Singapore escapade! Inggit ako sa pic mo with the Merlion. We missed it when we were there. We had rounded up the Marina but didn't find it only to learn that it was kept inside a temporary hotel the time we were there.

Nice boat ride of Vangie and Angel. I wonder why we didn't see that boat ride activity then?! Where is it located?

Obviously, you had a blast in SG!
Can't wait for the next Melaka post.

Batangala said...

The sampan ride is located in the lower ground going to the MRT station. We did a lot of walking and although tiring, it was well worth it. We would have love to stay late if but we had an early trip to Melaka the following morning.

Tin | The Average Jane said...

You should have bought an EZ link card so you didn't have to worry about bus and MRT fare. =)

Batangala said...

That's what we would have done. But we were informed that the S$5 deposit is no longer refundable although we can use the card for 5 years in case we do return. I think we spent less than S$5 fare each for our 4 day stay in SG, he he he